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Sep 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
's one of the worst things i found out. that depressed me a great deal. this came out of the fbi records. there is material there suggesting that j. edgar hoover really organized a campaign among some of his agents to talk publicly, loud voices, about how adlai stevenson was gay. and hoover did keep a file on stevenson. you know that he had this special closet of stuff in his office. and he would also tell fbi agents to try to circulate this in chicago. so this is one of these sort of hidden rumors that in '52 nobody talked about this openly; it was too soon. but there was a lot of whispering around about how adlai stevenson was gay. and this was totally untrue and totally unfair. and so when we think about dirty campaigns, i think we've got to remember 1952 as a very dirty campaign. c-span: you say that near the end he ballooned to 200 pounds. >> guest: 220 pounds, yeah. c-span: what was his normal weight when he was governor? >> guest: probably about 160, 180. c-span: what happened? >> guest: well, i think the last part of his life he really became somewhat obsessive. he did have a fam
Sep 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and was eventually arrested at the fbi in golden, how rod okoye talked himself out of the governor's office and into prison. [applause] america's are in support of this president in good faith but today the time has come to turn the page. today the time has come for us to put the disappointment of the last four years behind us, to put aside the divisiveness and the recriminations, to forget about might have been and to look ahead at what can be. now is the time to restore the promise of america. [cheers and applause] many americans had given up on this president but they haven't ever thought about giving up. not on themselves, not on each other and not on america. what is needed in our country today is not complicated or profound. it will take a
Sep 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
had no interest whatsoever in writing about fdr himself. but sometimes things happen. the fbi library library is an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3